Towards the Holy Land


Discover the routes that turn to the East. Along the Via Egnatia, you will encounter Mediterranean landscapes that will lead you from the coasts of Puglia to Igoumenitsa, passing through Ioannina, in the heart of the Epirus.

Relive the ancient splendor of the Ottoman Empire in places that have made history, and rediscover the signs of one of the most powerful states in the world, a multilingual empire that flourished in art and architecture. You will be able to admire mosques, churches, and castles, where neoclassical, Jewish, and Ottoman influences coexisted harmoniously.

Dedicated to those who want to slowly discover the culture and the landscape of this land and also those who love sports. The routes travel through the Epirus from Igoumenitsa to Ioannina, to then reach Grevena.



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